Monday, February 19, 2007

finding your voice

I'm interested in how writers find their voice. Here's an excerpt from a Critique magazine interview with Peter Elbow that I just came across:

"I want to emphasize something enormously simple about voice that in a sense I've only figured out in the last few years. If there's one activity that I think is the most helpful thing about writing, apart from just writing and writing, it is reading your writing out loud and also reading the writing of others out loud. Saying the words in your voice, with your mouth: I think that's the most powerful way to help one’s writing and to help one’s voice."
— Peter Elbow

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Anonymous said...

I have a daughter(poet) who says poetry is ment to be heard. I think Peter Elbow's words back that up. I know when I taught I did not do enough of having students read their work.
Mary in Missouri